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Naked - Hairdressers and Barbers Northampton


Hello fellow readers.

I’m back for the first time in 2020, I hope you are all well?

which brings me to my topic and purpose of this important blog post.

As a hairdressing industry we speak to A LOT of people everyday and we love it! we have a lot of different ranges of people from young to senior we hear about your lives, what your up to, what you have planned for the future even your relatives and what they are up to. As humans we like to talk so we as a salon wanted to do something a little different and GIVE BACK!

Some of you who follow us on social media might have already seen but for those of you who don’t we would like you to know that we have ALL undergone mental health training, this is not to say we now think we are all now qualified mental health professionals far from that, I take my hat off to those who are, you do an amazing job! this training we’ve had is just to allow us to have a better understanding of the troubles people may have and be struggling with and how we can change the way we communicate for different circumstances i.e being more sensitive to certain subjects they you may want to talk about. We want you to know that we are hear to listen and we care, we want to be able to show you understanding and compassion. We have a great platform and are in a great position as we all like to have a chat to our hairdressers about something or nothing at all and that’s fine.

The training we’ve had gave us some great information on crisis cafes that support people who need help or just want to talk, they are all around Northamptonshire, hopefully we will never have to give them out but we feel very relived that we have this information we would only give this out if we had someone who was giving us signs either intentionally or unintentionally but we can now give the appropriate advice to suit.

We want you to still feel more than comfortable to come to us so don’t think that we are now going to be LOOKING for signs we will still talk and act in the exact same way to everyone.

Just know that we are hear to be a friendly helping hand oh and of course give GREAT haaaair.

Thanks for reading, love from Amy xxx

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