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new year new you

New Year / New You!

With the new year fast approaching now is the time to think about what you are going to want to do with your hair over the coming year.

There are a couple of things to be considered when thinking about making a change and these should always be planned with your stylist.

Condition – The condition of your hair will play a major part in any transformation that you are looking for. If the hair doesn’t have the tensile strength to be lightened then you will be unable to do this. Tests can be carried out by your stylist to determine if this is going to be something that needs working on leading up to a change. The condition may also affect how colour will take to your hair, hair that is overly porous may lose colour more quickly and so great condition hair will help your stylist be able to achieve what you are wanting. To this end think about what you’re having done now! This time of the year hair is dryer than normal due to lack of moisture in the environment, heating being on and over-styling due to party season. Think about adding in conditioning treatments to your appointments to help keep the hair in the best condition, SOS treatments to add keratin back into your hair so that your hair will have enough strength for when you want to commit to a change.

Colour choices – This is very very important! If your thinking of going lighter towards the summer don’t have very dark colours put onto your hair now. This will really impact how light we are able to get you in the future. Also, the darker the colour the more colour pigments, darker colours tend to contain more reds/golds and removing these from the hair is a lot harder than people think. If your blonde and thinking of going darker in this season then just keep this in your mind.

Plan plan plan – The more you and your stylist plan out your hair ideas for the year ahead the more they will be able to accomplish them. A stylist isn’t going to put a very dark colour on your hair if they know that your future plan is to go lighter but they need to know this. Be honest and open with your stylist about what you have had done or have done yourself previously as this will also help them factor this into the plan. Sometimes curveballs happen due to an old colour in the hair that the stylist wasn’t aware of.

Be realistic with your choices, we will always be honest with you about what can and can’t be achieved. We will not carry out a service if we think that it is going to cause too much damage to your hair. Don’t take images off online platforms at face value, we love you to bring us images to understand what you are looking for but some online images are filtered and just wouldn’t be achieved on your hair. Your stylist will always look over your ideas and talk you through what can and can’t be achieved for you.

We hope some of this information comes in handy for planning your future hair transitions. The team at the salon are always here should you have any questions about transformations.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas period and look forward to creating some amazing looks in 2020.

Merry Christmas

Naked Team XX

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