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Autumn hair trends

Hi Guys!

After the salon taking a new spin and revamping the website (EXCITING make sure you check out all the new changes 😜) I’ve not been able to post my blogs but now i’m back to talk more hair.

Now as winter approaches the only good thing about that is that we have lovely autumn first, and there is still lovely bright warm colour to appreciate all around us.

This year we as a salon have created some mood boards to show you just what we think autumn 2019 is going to be about.

Take a look! To see the boards in full click on the names of the collection or on the captions under the images. These boards aren’t just hair they have all sorts of images to give you a feel for the colours and style behind the looks. We have Cinnamon Spice collection

cinnamon spice
Cinnamon spice collection https://pin.it/wsclrkbk6p66om

This collection gives you your spicy red tones together with your cinnamon browns for a real warm cosy feel, looks great with a big roll neck jumper “Ooo I love autumn!” If you like to be on the darker side with your hair but like to have a splash of colour to show your personality off then this is a great collection for you.

Autumn Leaves

This is for those of you that like to be warm but still on the brighter side, this collection is gorgeous. With it’s golds, coppers, deep honey and the reds all here at your fingertips. Even blondes can enjoy this collection, fiery blondes!

Molten Caramel

This is our soften collection, is your hair blonde? Has it gone yellowish and needs a new lease of life? then take a look at this collection. Although these pictures are shown with a dark shade if you look at the milky latte tones these are beautiful for toning tired blonde hair.

Really hope you enjoy looking at these and finding something that inspires your for your autumn hair.

Not a big blog here but I thought I would let the pictures and your imagination do the talking.

Have a great autumn people and great hair.

Amy xoxo

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