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Naked - Hairdressers and Barbers Northampton

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Our Story

For us the story beings in 2017


Hi, my name is Matt, I am the owner of Naked Northampton. I bought the salon in July of 2017 from the previous owner with a view to bring in change and reinvigorate the salon and staff.

So what can I say about me well, I started out my working life in the catering industry working in the kitchens and then onto restaurant management. What does that have to do with hairdressing? absolutely nothing but it stood me in good stead for understanding customers and their needs. I gave this up and moved into the world of hairdressing and have never looked back. I trained at Milton Keynes college where I spent time learning my skill and developing my craft, from there I moved on to salon life working in a small salon in Rushden. I was there for a while before the college called and offered me an apprenticeship to develop my skills further and work in their commercial salon, I took on the role and ended up spending 5 years of my life working for the college after I completed my apprenticeship. I spent a number of years running the commercial salon and then later moved on to teaching and assessing apprentices in and around Milton Keynes. This taught me a lot! Hairdressing is an ever-moving industry, trends coming and going in the blink of an eye. Colours changing from this to that in a matter of weeks meaning I learned that you will never know everything and that training and development were key in this new venture.

Our Northampton salon has 6 staff currently and they all are brilliant, bright, kindhearted people with a zest for life and a desire to make people feel and look amazing. We have different levels on our price list as this reflects the training each one has completed to increase their skill set. Our staff that are at the lower levels are still trained to a high standard before being allowed onto the floor, but they are still developing their own creativity and flair and so we continue to educate them along with the rest of the staff team.

The Salon itself had no product house when we took over so we decided to partner with TIGI. They have a great ethos, products that are of the highest quality and they are a company that like mine don’t judge by age and believe everyone should be able to look good. We took this decision so as to not confuse the stylists and clients with all different brands doing all different things. We have focused on keeping things streamlined so that its easier for you as a client and the staff can grab hold and retain all the knowledge from our product house and deliver this to you. A better understanding of the products and what they can deliver be this colour or home care means that the stylists are able to answer your questions and give you a product that we know is going to deliver.

tigi copyright products

Last year we developed the offer in the salon further by bringing in a barber. Darius our gents stylist fits into the salon really well and is there for all the needs of our male clientele. He has exceptional skill, high standards of workmanship and hygiene. He originates from Romania where he learned his skill and then developed them further in this country in some of the well know gentlemen’s salons in this town before deciding to go it alone. He has a great eye for a skin fade and all his clients leave here happy with what he has produced. He has a large following of clients so its always best to try and book but he does take walk-in clients when he can.

What’s our future plan? Well, for now, we are very much focused on Northampton. We love this town, love how diverse it is and how there is a community spirit here that you don’t find in other towns or cities that are not that far away. We will continue in our development of the stylists and services for this community, we will strive to be the best that we can be, give the best customer experience that we can and develop local people into a great career through our apprenticeship program when places become available.

Our salon ethos,

We do not judge – we provide services to all and give them what they want as long as it will suit there face shape and compliment there look.

We will not just do your hair – We believe in being upfront and honest. If we don’t think it’s achievable or will cause irreversible damage then we will not carry out a service. We always skin test and carry out other tests to make sure you are safe. We will not colour hair or provide chemical services to anyone under the age of 16.

We will look after you – and you will become family. Some of our clients have been coming to us for over 12 years and we care for them the same way as we care for our new clients. Customer experience is high on my agenda and I want all clients to have a lovely experience.

We take pride in what we do – We will probably take pictures of your hair as our team are very proud of the work they turn out and we shout about it on all our social media platforms. (if you don’t want to that is fine)

We will talk to you about treatments and retail – All the stylists are trained to solve problems for our clients and we believe in giving knowledge to our clients so they are able to maintain their colour or style. We are not doing this to sell to you we are doing this to educate you on how to look after your hair, the products we would recommend that you use to do that and the treatments we would recommend to keep your hair looking as good as when you leave the salon.

We are always here – Our clients will tell you our doors are always open, We pride ourselves on the fact that clients come and take up our waiting area just to have a chat and a coffee. We do this because for some of our community its a lonely place and we might be the only people they get to see. But we don’t judge and anyone is welcome at any time. We will always try to give you refreshments and look after you even if you don’t have an appointment.

And the last thing we care. We care so much about our salon, our community and about the work we turn out. We know we aren’t going to get it right 100% of the time and as a salon we want you to be happy so we will work with you to get your hair where you want it to be.

My salon and staff are here for you. We look forward to welcoming people back through our doors or welcoming you for the first time.

See you when I see you

Matt xoxo


  • Kimberley

    September 5, 2019

    Matt you’ve changed the salon for the better. Never had a bad ‘do’ or bad experience.

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