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Me, myself and my hair


Yes we do!

Hello! so, first of all, i just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my blogs. I hope you are enjoying them. I think they are going well. 

So, i thought today i would do a more of a personal blog, about the things i like to do and use on my own hair and my daughters too.

Starting with my beautiful daughter who has lovely blonde curly hair with the perfect balayage, (not fair). Although very beautiful it is quite fine hair which is curly and frizzes and knots easily. 

Boxed Water Is Better

Not my actual child.

Who has that child’s hair that is lovely when it’s done but after about 5 minutes looks like rats tails? My hand is definitely up in the air. 

My method for keeping my daughter’s hair in great shape is using products, yes I know it’s not something everyone will want to do, but honestly, it is so worth it for the hassle-free mornings or evening before that family meal. I will always use a leave-in conditioner one with a UV protection infused to help prevent the hair drying out which causes damage and knotting becomes more frequent so its perfect for detangling the gentle way that doesn’t cause breakage. Along with a curl, cream to enhance your child’s beautiful curls. I like to use TIGI copyright curl cream this is perfect to use on hair that is still developing because of its natural ingredients which protect and hold shape. I was saying earlier about your child’s hair looking like rats tails after 5minutes, this fantastic product has instant humidity protection. YASSSS! no more frizz heads. 

Tamara Bellis

TIP… plait your daughter’s hair at night time after brushing all the knots out, this will make life so much easier in the mornings. no more screaming kids because of the tugging on their hair. Ahhh could you imagine? 

TIP… leave a little conditioner in curly hair to keep curls smooth and defined.

So that’s the little ones taken care of.

Now id like to share the things that I like to do with my own hair that helps with keeping it smooth, shiny and generally healthy. You may look at my profile picture and think my hair looks nothing like what I am talking about. But trust when I say, left to dry with no product it is the opposite to smooth.

If your someone who likes to do different things with your hair meaning blow-drying, straightening, curling or scrunch curling then look no further and follow these tips.

Blow-drying smooth

  1. Products are a must! for the best results in anything you want to create, I use bed head control freak this is perfect for thick, curly and frizzy hair. or even hair that isn’t that thick or overly frizzy this is still my number 1 blowdrying serum.
  2. I use Tigi copyright heat protection, this is most definitely needed when doing a smooth blow-dry as the hair-dryer is so hot to create the smooth sleek and sealed look.
  3. Always blow-dry using the nozzle on your hairdryer, this will keep the hair as smooth as it can be, directing the air flow in the same direction.
  4. A good round brush is just as important. I like to use a boar bristle round brush, this gives me maximum control and tension. I would use a bigger brush than this as my hair is almost shoulder length. This size is great for shorter hair and would give great volume to your hair.


  1. Heat protection 1st and foremost. I use Tigi copyright heat defense this protects my hair up to 230 degrees.
  2. A good pair of straighteners. This is so crucial for giving you the look you desire.
  • Too hot and your hair can just become really flat to the head this is because all the moisture would have been taken from the hair.
  • Prevents snagging (breakage) on the hair as the plates move down the hair.
  • Having heat control is important, not all hair needs 220 degrees if any. I use cloud 9 these enable me to use a lower temperature to prevent my hair overheating.
  • Softly curve the straighteners towards the ends of your hair so that it tucks in any unwanted flicks and to give you more of a sealed look to your ends.

A lower temperature keeps the hair integrity and the integrity of the blowdry, by only manipulating the hair rather than heating it with an inch of its life.

Keeping the natural curls.

My hair is naturally curly and I love it, now that I understand how to work my curls. I think there are so many people who don’t really know what to use and how to dry their curls, everybody who I speak to always say that if their hair could look how it does when it is wet when it is dry they would be really happy.

I used to use tons of mouse! I’m sure you are all guilty of this! the stronger it was the better. But how many of you hated the crunchy/crispy feel?

And having to wash it 2 days later because the mouse had dried and started going white in the hair! Ewww!

  • I now use curl enhancers that still have a hold but also smooths my curls. Tigi copyright firm hold curl cream has been amazing with its styling polymers- a breathable film that protects and holds the shape of the curl as you dry.
  • Creams provide moisture something curly hair is crying out for.
  • Copyright cream protects against humidity.
  • heat protection.
  • Always comb through your hair after applying your products to ensure the product has been distributed evenly to give you the best results and even smoothness throughout your curls.

Styling your curls.

Using your cream/oils (Colour lustre oil) on towel dried hair to smooth down the hairs cuticle around the hairline and through the top, work the product from roots to tip twisting chunky pieces of hair around your finger and leaving them to set a little. In some cases, with enough product, you could leave this to fully dry, to create nice ringlets.

I like to use the hair diffuser on low heat and low speed, the reason for this is so the airflow is controlled and the heat is not too hot that it makes the hair frizzy. As I’m doing this I’m using my hand to softly scrunch my hair in my hand to create a setting aid for my curls. 

I will sometimes halfway through my scrunching i will add more cream or spray to build on my hold and style this is great as i can start off little learning how much my hair needs.

So i hope this helps for some of you reading this.

I think its really good to touch basis with the simple things that we forget to do in our daily routine and not everything has to be complicated when it comes to styling, its all about knowledge and products.


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